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Now that we voted in the new constitution, I think the civil education that was rushed to the referendum countdown should be continued. The zeal that was characterized by the government using its whole armoury of officers, the international community donations to select groups and all should now be channeled towards this noble cause.

An informed people are certainly an empowered people. Now that we know it can be done I think this could be a nice waiting activity for the provincial administration and possibly an avenue to redeem themselves.

The battery of lawyers who went out of their schedules and court are once again called upon to champion this. Groups and meetings that are either in the making or will be should at least factor civil education. Let the women know their reformed rights, the youth and children too. This is the only sure way of keeping the government on its toes and keep at bay people who look at common folk as gullible for their own selfish gains.


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  1. ..quite a good wrap-up of current affairs in the country presently…the county edition on ntv,the investigative news series on ktn and citizen on corruption and injustices, just to mention a few on our local channels shows the fourth estate coming of age.a thumbs up to them for retrieving these information for us and serving it in a well understand manner.

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